Hurdles of VCES

At MST, we understand various hurdles you may face :

  1. Take a decision whether amnesty scheme shall be opted or not, taking into consideration the monetary & non-monetary benefits and constraints;
  2. Prepare a Reconciliation Statement of Tax Dues with Actual Tax payable considering the periods for which Service Tax Returns were filed during the period Oct’07 to Dec’12.
  3. Computation of tax dues considering various exemptions and abatements available in relation to relevant service during the material period;
  4. Preparation of Calculation Sheet of tax dues tax return period wise, service wise, if tax dues relates to more than one service in a prescribed format;
  5. Preparation and filing of Declaration with Paper Book;
  6. To get Acknowledgement of Declaration;
  7. Tracking of payment of Tax Dues;
  8. Liaison with the designated authority with regard to establishment of information furnished in the Declaration;
  9. Rejection of Declaration;
  10. To get the Acknowledgement of Discharge Certificate from the designated authority;

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Hurdles of VCES

Monetary Benefits

Get immunity from interest, penalty and panel provision.

Monetary Constraints

Cenvat Credit shall not be used for the payment of tax.

Non-monetary Benefits

No proceeding initiated before any authority or court.

Non-monetary Constraints

Lack of confidentiality of information furnished.

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My Service Tax, is a dedicated team of seasoned and talented professionals comprising of group of Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), MBA and LLB. MST was started in the year 2004 and stands tall today due to sheer hard work, timely deliverance, thorough knowledge, cordial relationship with clients and their satisfaction.

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